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Temporal order of words in Sanskrit

This site is about reminding the people India, the facts about their nation that they have forgotten due to centuries of slavery. It is about the ideology, philosophy, language, culture, real history and the eternity of India. In fact, we don’t even remember the name with which our ancestors used to refer to this great nation viz. bhArata. Hence the name of the site uttiSTha bhArata meaning “Rise up, O bhArata”. Subscribe to the site if you like the articles. And if at all, you wish to be unsubscribed, you may comment on this page asking me to do so.

Request: If anyone can translate any article on this site in any Indian language, we shall post the translation as well so that those who do not know English are able to comprehend it. Please comment on this page if you are interested in translating so that we may get in touch.

The articles here are arranged in the form of the series mentioned below.


65 Responses to About this site

  1. ketan kulkarni says:


    I just came across your blog and it is very interesting. First of all a very big thanks for these great efforts!

    Basically I am a motion graphics designer and wanted to make an informational animated video using some of the information on your blog. I am not making it for any commercial purposes and I will put the complete name and reference of your blog under/in the video. Please let me know.

    – Ketan

  2. Vinay KR says:

    Hi I would be both happy And honored to translate your articles to Kannada language.
    PS: I have never done any professional translation. I am only a beginner willing to help.
    Thanks for all your articles.

    • gshah says:

      Please go ahead and translate them to kannada. It would be great to have the articles translated into as many indian languages as possible. If you translate any of the articles, please inform me so that we may post them here. if you have your own site, you may also post the articles there.

  3. Peter Shaw says:

    I find very interesting what you have put under the heading of “Similarities between Sanskrit and Programming Languages”, but ultimately what are your credentials? Are you (a) publishing computer scientist(s) with publications in relevant journals and booktitles? Are you (an) academic(s) in comparative linguistics or linguistics in general?

    I should add, I don’t for one minute dismiss what you post but I should also say that any one can post anything on her/his website — “Why the Maya were in Cahoots with the Martians” or “The Ancient Egyptians were the Builders of Stonehenge”.

    Please, do accept my apologies in advance if I’ve happened to miss where you state on your website your publicly acknowledged expertise in order to be able to make an expert claim of “Similarities between Sanskrit and Programming Languages”.

    Thank you

    • gshah says:

      “Are you (a) publishing computer scientist(s) with publications in relevant journals and booktitles? Are you (an) academic(s) in comparative linguistics or linguistics in general?”

      I am none of the above. But I have done a course at IIT Bombay in Paninian Grammar under a professor who does research in natural language processing. He has (probably) published research papers on linguistics.

      I do not claim to be an expert. If you find anything incoherent or wrong in any of the articles, please point out the same.

  4. Akshay says:

    Hi! I can help translate the contents of this page in Hindi. Do let me know if you need my help in that endeavour.




  6. neelam gaur says:

    I appreciate all the articles. just want to say thank you for this great effort.

  7. Satyendra Pandey says:

    Amazing guys, May I know who are/is the brain behind this blog? Tweet me on @skpandey .

  8. Arjun says:

    Amazing blog.

    I like your tutorials & the informations you provide in your blog


  9. arihanta says:

    Does uttiSTha bhArata mean, “Arise India!”? I know some Sanskrit. I’ve been reading Michael Coulson’s primer.

    • gshah says:

      uttiSTha bhArata means उठो भारत |

      • विपुल पाण्डे says:

        it’s a very powerful phrase in my mind, I heard it first in the TV series चाणक्य – जिसमें अाचार्य चाणक्य अपने शिश्यों अौर शरणागतों से प्रणाम किये जाने पर ‘उत्थिष्ठ भारत:’ बोलते थे – “उठो भारत के पूत” – अाज यही हम सब के लिये अाह्वान है!
        एक अौर सुंदर लेख के लिये धन्यवाद गौरव!

  10. arihanta says:

    Do you believe in the Proto-Indo-European language theory? Do you disbelieve in the Aryan Invasion Theory or its softer descendant Aryan Migration Theory? Why is it a bad thing for Indians to believe in them?

    On a personal basis, I have found some similarities between Old English and Sanskrit, especially in their demonstrative pronouns and in some words. For the declension of tat of Sanskrit–sah*, tat, sAh*; I found that Old English has for the nominative line very similar words; se, þæt, and sEo. The dental phonemes may be an accident, but Old English, Sanskrit, Latin, like to use common phonemes for their pronouns, such ‘m’ for first person pronouns, ‘t’ for second person, and various for third person. Old English use ‘sittan’ as an infinitive for ‘sit’, while Sanskrit uses ‘sad’ as root for conjugations for ‘sitting’.

    For AIT/AMT, how would one explain the presence of many language groups in India? Indo-Aryan languages, Dravidian languages, and Munda languages? (I know nothing about Munda languages, I have only just heard of them.)

    • gshah says:

      See one thing cannot be denied, that the languages of europe, middle-east and north india are derived from the same verbal roots. But this is the only thing that cannot bi denied. the complete theory of aryan migration is a mere hypothesis to explain this similarity between indian and european langauges. but there can be many reasons for the similarity. aryan migration theory is only one possibility. it does not have any solid proofs. there are many things that point out at other possibilities as well. so the best stand would be to remain neutral and not believe in any theory because there is no solid proof for any theory and all theories are only speculations at attempting to explain the similarity.

      Just because the the german langauge is spoken in both north and south germany, does it mean that there was migration/invasion from north to south germany ??

      langauges speread for a variety of methods. one major method of spread of langauges is trade.

      so because of lack of data, it would be naive to believe in any particular stand-point. so when there is no data to precisely assert any theory, the best option is to believe in what is known with certainty. And what is known with certainty is that Sanskrit has been there in India since atleast 4000 years. I personally believe that there was a single language that spanned from India to europe, but in europe that language deteriorated into other languages, but in India because of the religious significance of it, it did not deteriorate and hence the proto indo european is none other than our vedic sanskrit.

    • priyesh says:

      arihant ji ,aryan invasion theory says that arya came to india at 1500BC (about 3500 years from current time), but I suggest 3 proofs that deny this hypothesis of aryan invasion………………….,1-the sattelite images of saraswati river which flows under ground ,the vedas were composed on the banks of this river about 4000 BC to 10000BC & this river dried up in 3500BC to 4000BC, from this we can say this that aryans were the part of vedic civilization ,if it is so.then is it possible they wrote vedas or puranas before they came to india on the bank of saraswati.
      2- Shri krishna was also an arya ,all mahabharat have detailed account of arya ., which is dwapur yug about 5125 years from current date (about 3125BC),why i said this because in 1978 ,the discovery of shri krishna’s city dwarka under the sea on the shore of modern dwarka proves that mahabharat is a history of ancient india,with carbon dating scientist said that city submerged in sea around 3117 BC (about 5117 BC).how is it possible that arya came in india around 1500BC ,when we have strong archaelogical evidence that
      arya lives in india and are the kings of many republics in india before 1500BC of arya invasion as the theory suggest ,then we have to strongly denied this false story which is completely hypothesis.
      3- the main cause which is the base of ayan invasion hypothesis.,is the similarity between
      sanskrit and european language, but this is also strong proof against this hypothesis because all we know that sanskrit is the mother of all indo european languages, the roots words of sanskrit migrate from india to arab then to europe . so i ask only one thing
      that arya lives in central Asia before india then why all or some the ancient central asian text and european text is not written in sanskrit ….why they written in latin or greek language ……………why only in india sanskrit writings are found from north to south ,from west to east india.if sanskrit is the mother language , then it is strongly prooes that aryan and dravids are permanent rehabitint of india .,then some of them start migates from india to central asia and europe , and on the coarse of time ,the new languages are formed with root words of sanskrit………………………………………

  11. shashank says:

    sir please can you tell me the site from where i can learn sanskrit through astadhyayi padati…

    • gshah says:

      Ashtadhyayi is a very complicated and advanced text. It is not possible to learn it online. If you are really interested in learning it, try taking some course in some university or contact Sanskrit Bharati.

    • gshah says:

      I think you should check this out. http://avagraha.wordpress.com/

      • shashank saxena says:

        sir i have started learning sanskrit and i have studied almost every literature of aryans like vedas,darsan shastra etc in hindi but its my dream to lean sanskrit so sir can you tell me how you started learning sanskrit language and can i learn it with out any teacher as i know hindi very well please help me……..

        • gshah says:

          I will write a post on learning Sanskrit soon. Please wait till then. And do not use that word ‘aryans’. There exists nothing called aryans. Arya only means a nobel person in sanskrit. It is not some race. There is no proof of some ethnic race called aryans.

          • Gnanaboomi says:

            Very well said. Arya just denote ‘noble’. The Aryan invasion theory is debunked so much by research scholars. Agniveer.com has a detailed article on Aryan Invasion theory as well.

  12. aksh says:


  13. aksh says:

    NAMASTE adarnye
    i want to learn astdhyai online………
    is it possible

    • gshah says:

      Ashtadhyayi is a very complicated and advanced text. It is not possible to learn it online. I had taken a 4-month course in my college in Ashtadhyayi and the course only taught the basics. If you are really interested in learning it, try taking some course or contact Sanskrit Bharati.

      • aksh says:

        thnxx for replying
        actually i am going to be a 1st year btech student (from computer science)….
        so during my first year i have a lot of time and i don’t want to waste it by watching movies or playing…….thats why i have planned to study asthdyai…..

        anyways is there any book of asthdyai suitable for self studying….

        • gshah says:

          Here is a standard book on Ashtadhyayi. You can preview it on google books. But it is costly and you won’t even understand it without a tutor, so I would suggest you not to study ashtadhyayi without a teacher. Most probably you will be frustrated because of the difficulty in understanding. If you want to learn Sanskrit a better method is to try to translate some text, say, BhagawadGita yourself and then compare the translation provided with your translation and the original sloka. This is how I learnt Sanskrit. Of course, to do this you must already have some basic knowledge of Sanskrit. (School course of Sanskrit is enough to gain that basic knowledge.)

        • gshah says:

          I think you should check this out. This is a good site for ashtadhyayi. you may talk to its author for help. http://avagraha.wordpress.com/

  14. SitaRaama says:

    I am new to your site, I was wondering if you already wrote an article about sanskrit if not then please highlight these below points.

    Learn the alaphabets and you can start reading
    Alphabets itself are complete phonetics no need to memorize new phonetics
    There are no silent letters, you write what you pronounce and you pronounce what you write. NO EXCEPTION
    Samskrutam is Syntax independant, what it means in plain english is it does not matter how to arrange the words in a sentence they give the same meaning. Below example highlights syntax
    The cat drinks milk
    Milk drinks the cat
    Samskrutam is musical, what is true for one is true for all. The words categorization is so methodical that if you learn one word and all words sound to similar ending behave in exact same way. you will know more in the text
    Words can be drived, Maharshi paaNini laidout <4000 sutras which gives all the required conditions to derive words from alphabets.
    You have the full liberty to form new words, using paaNini’s sutras

  15. priyankshyam says:

    why have you kept the tagline – just another wordpress site….when you are speaking here of such great things? agreed humility is good thing but when we speak of something as rich and glorious as our Indian cultural, social, religious and scientific heritage, we have a right to be proud of it….i would suggest a change in the blog tagline…

  16. Does anyone know where the “original” (or the oldest possible) text/remaining parts of Vedas are in the world? which museum, or country?

    thanks in advance.

  17. gshah says:

    Nice that you want to study our scriptures, but before you proceed with studying the scriptures, one point of clarification.

    Try to read
    3)Bhagawad Gita

    These scriptures do not contain stories, rather they discuss such diverse topics as sociology, physics, philosophy, politics, psychology and other sciences.

    Ramayana, Mahabharat and Puranas contain history – stories of the deeds of those persons who lived life as prescribed by the Vedas and Upanishads. Infact, what Krishna teaches in Bhagawad Gita is only an application of the philosophy of Vedas to the specific situation of Arjuna before the war.

    If you read Puranas etc, it’s almost like reading stories. If you want to get some meaning to life from your reading then focus on the Vedas. Upanishads are explanation of Vedas in a simple language. But I would suggest, begin with Bhagawad Gita since Upanishads and Vedas are complicated to be understood by a worldly person. BhagawadGita will pave the way for you to understand the ultimate truth contained in Vedas, but understanding even the BHagawad Gita will take a lot of contemplation.

    Caution: And never ever rely upon translations blindly.

    To get you started, read this article.

  18. Kanta Bhanderi says:

    I have been learning sanskrit on your site, it’s very helpful, thank you. I am learning sanskrit for the sole reason of being able to understand our scriptures accurately.

    • Have you tried contacting the organization, “sanskrit Bharati”?. They are making a great effort to revive the language in its every day conversational forms. They have classes/representatives everywhere around the world. http://samskritabharati.in/
      The advantage in joining a movement is that you will find more people who are as interested and eager to learn, speak and practice the language with you. Best wishes…

  19. gshah says:

    This is a very good site to learn Sanskrit online. http://learnsanskrit.org/grammar
    You may also check out http://agniveer.com/category/sanskrit-2/

  20. nvignesh93 says:

    can one learn samskrit online?? any links??

  21. C.S.Rajan says:

    Stmbled on this site thru a forwarded mail from a US friend. To know the greatness of the beautiful Sanskrit thru this is really exhillarating. thanks. C.s.rajan.

  22. bobby says:

    jai hind. vande mataram..

  23. Just stumbled upon this site, via sanskrit article shared by a friend on facebook! Really nice work, and a commendable effort, looking forward to reading all the articles thoroughly. If you don’t mind, please write a small introduction of yourself. Where u are from? what is your inspiration? what you do? etc…


    • gshah says:

      India is my homeland and humanity my religion. Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare, Bhagat Singh, Gandhiji, Baba Saheb Ambedkar, Shivaji, Ashfaq-ul-lah Khan, Subhash Chandra Bose, Shri Krishna, Shri Ram, Gautam Budhda, Acharya Chanakya, Guru Gobind Singh and all our great ancestors are my inspiration. Currently doing a job in an MNC but would soon dedicate myself to the service of the country.

      • Ganesh says:

        So I decided to do some ass-kicking research on u tonight. The only best I could do was to ask google(my best friend:) n It showed me stuff like ur youtube’s channel (youtube.com/user/gauravshah89) (not difficult to conclude that u r a serious disciple of baba ramdev) and some of ur comments from other random blogs. But It is (as usual) not a easy job to trace a bloke with just his username(here gauravshah89) got in ur pocket. So working a bit clever and going deep, I tried to catch up ur social network but found you a socially inadequate nerdy-dumb-inactive user (twitter.com/gauravshah89) 😛 Facebook didn’t work for you directly, so making some permutations and minor tweaks with ur username my rational thinking and little research lead to this legendary profile finally : “Facebook.com/gaurav.shah89”
        an average looking guy, enthusiastic eyes and sitting like he’s a son of a bitc.. oops billionaire. 😀
        I don’t know whether I’ve found you or just spotted a wrong guy. Actually It’s not that I was curious to know about *you*. But I liked ur work, ur contribution that you’ve paid for promoting Sanskrit. I read all of ur series on Sanskrit. But lately I found that It has been a while that you happened to blogging. why? Maybe you are low on your time/mood or maybe not willing to do it anymore. Well If the latter is true then let me beg you that WE NEED YOU!!. WE TRULY NEED YOU!!. And I truly mean it. Plz don’t stop buddy. If you are low on inspiration or need some kind of push. Here it is man. Take this comment as a message from our mighty-loving-god. Keep doing this divine service. As I’ve already done my job (To invoke you) so I should better stop talking now.

        P.S : Hey mayn now that u gonna tell me whether I seriously did a awesome job(research-on-you) or I better need a fcukin’ kick on my ass? :D.
        Looking forward for your reply…

        • gshah says:

          The twitter profile and the Facebook profile that you searched are not mine. The youtube channel you hit upon is mine, though. Still I would say that you have done an awesome job in figuring out my details because anyways you could not have found out my FB and Twitter profiles since they do not exist.

          Yes, I am a disciple of baba ramdev but not a blind follower as doing anything without reasoning is adharm. I follow him only because I feel he is doing a great job for the nation and has the potential make India a superpower. If he succeeds in his mission, that would be a turning point in the history of India just as the war of Mahabharat was.

          I simply cannot blog too frequently because I am always running short of time. Writing a good article takes around 2 days and I rarely find so much time. I will write the next article once I find some free time.

          And finally, thanks for motivating me to write more. It confirms that the initiative is not going waste and is making some difference somewhere.


        • gshah says:

          Thanks for motivating me. Wrote a new article by taking out some time. https://uttishthabharata.wordpress.com/2012/01/07/efficient-sanskrit/

      • Ganesh says:

        Hey gaurav, I know two cool sites you’d LOVE to check out. 🙂
        1. http://www.memrise.com/topic/sanskrit/wordlists/
        2. http://www.quora.com/Sanskrit-language

    • @Ganesh…Awesome Job! It was an amusing read. Next time, I will follow ur funda…of stalking people! 🙂

  24. hello sir first of all tons of thankx for your such great articles
    second is it possible for you to write few articles on my blog as a guest speaker/writer occasionally?

    plz let me know if it is possible?

    • gshah says:

      Thank you for appreciation.
      I am running very busy and not finding time to write articles for my blog itself, so I would probably not find time to write articles on your blog either. However, if you wish, you may take the articles from this site and post them on yours with reference to this site, I have no issues with that.

  25. Padhma says:

    I stumbled upon this site a couple of weeks ago and have been following since. Your articles are very clear, insightful and also inspiring. Just want to say “Thank you” for this great effort!

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